Light Pro V2

Light Pro V2
Pandora Light Pro V2 is an all-around convenient car security & remote start system ( Remote Start is an optional extra / additional cost ). Built-in 2x CAN, LIN interfaces allow to install the system on almost any car, Remote start function allows to configure automatic starts by weekdays, hours, engine temperature, voltage, as well as providing turbo-timer function and remote start directly issued from the LCD remote control or smartphone app if your within Bluetooth range. The system has a dialogue encrypted 868Mhz 2-way rechargeable OLED remote control. This allows monitoring car parameters such as door locking, doors, boot, bonnet and the status of onboard sensors such as shock and tilt. The remote will also send and recieve commands from the vehicle known as 2 way control.  Integrated Bluetooth 4.2 interface allows you to extend your system with a vast variety of additional modules this could be the wireless immobiliser modules ( Used for anti hijack ) or the optional shock and impact sensors which are ideal for vans. The Bluetooth also allows connection of your smart phone to arm and disarm and also view history reports from your Pandora alarm system. A very nice feature is the ability to adjust sensors on your system from the click of a button.
  • Works on 868Mhz ( Anti Clone )
  • Secure ADR tag ( Giving an extra layer of security )
  • OBD port or Engine start Immobiliser ( As standard )
  • Protects doors, boot, bonnet,
  • Loud 118DB Siren
  • Dual zone shock sensor and tilt / motion sensor
  • Ability to add a dual zone proximity sensor / Warn Away ( Additional Cost )
  • Remote Start * ( Optional Extra At Additional Cost )
  • Connects iPhone Via Bluetooth App
  • Connect Android Via Bluetooth App


  • The Pandora Light Pro protects you against the main attack methods used by today’s car thieves…
  •  Roll jam
  •  Key scanning
  • Key Clonning


  • Tilt – Detects vehicle jacking up, towing and wheel theft.
  • Shock zone – Hard impact detection
  • Shock warn – Light impact warning detection
  • Motion – Accelerometer, detects speed and movement.
  • Smartphone (iOS & Android) Bluetooth Sensor

Optional Extras Available

  • Remote Start
  • Bluetooth wireless Immobiliser Module
  • Bluetooth Wireless OBD Immobiliser
  • Bluetooth Wireless Shock Sensor ( only 2 per system )