Pandora Storm

This is the most secure, most feature rich and most future proof immobiliser, available for every vehicle.

The Pandora Storm is affordable, with an aim to bring the best value possible to the security market.

Why is the Storm better than other immobilisers?

By utilising both physical, normally open relays, and the latest Can bus blocking technology we provide the hardest to bypass security. Even if the Pandora Storm is removed, the vehicle is still immobilised.

The system will work through your OEM key, and uses 128bit encryption to prevent hacking or relay of the Pandora tags, A feature rich app and in most cases “pin code” using the vehicles existing buttons. They’re incredibly secure.

The Storm also comes with a Bluetooth phone app, for a display of status information such as battery voltage or fuel levels, settings changes or control of the system.

That’s not all. The Storm also offers anti hijack with compatible vehicles. Even if you’re a victim of car jacking, your vehicle can be immobilised when the threat has left, without putting you in harms way. This automatically activates using reliable, intuitive technology, which stops your vehicle safely.

Oh, and the Pandora Storm is upgradeable.
Being based on our Mini BT hardware, you can upgrade this to a full alarm system, or add features such as worldwide tracking, worldwide phone notifications and worldwide system control for superior protection.