Pandora Car Alarms

Pandora Car Alarms

Securacar Ltd are the North Wests official Platinum Dealer for Pandora Car Alarms UK.

Pandora Car Alarms offer an unprecedented level of security to protect any car from attack from all the latest methods used by todays sophisticated car thieves.

All Pandora systems offer protection against Relay Theft, Key Cloning, Key Scanning and OBD port Attack.

In addition they are all equipped with 5 in built security sensors and a minimum of 2 immobilisation points including “Can Block”.

They all utilise the ultra secure Bluetooth Tag and are all accompanied with an industry leading secure Smart Phone App giving you full control over the system.

All you have to do is chose from the additional features available to tailor a system that facilitates the level of security that you require, features such as


  • Dual Zone Proximity Sensor with Warn Away
  • Anti Highjack Mode
  • Long Range OLED Remote Fob/Pager
  • GSM Phone Notifications/Text/Call
  • GPS World Wide Tracking
  • Addition Immobilisation
  • Battery Backup Power Supply
  • Remote Engine Start


There genuinely isn’t anything else that can truly compete with Pandora Car Alarms. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.